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2021 Business Cybersecurity Checklist

In a recent Security Magazine article, they share data privacy expectations for 2021 and focus on the need for enhanced privacy protection and continuous and holistic business privacy. Here’s our checklist to help you focus on what’s important for business data security.
  • Email safety - be suspicious. Remind your teams to report any suspicious emails. Connecting with colleagues, friends and building a business network on social media are great ways to grow your business, but sharing your contact information like a work email address on a public platform makes it easy for hackers to reach you and your employees.
  • Research and select the complete security package. Keep security software updated.  A cloud-based network management system simplifies a good amount of your business burdens. Kinetic Business manages the installation, monitoring and maintenance while allowing you to maintain control through the MyWIN Business Web Portal. Manage your networks and see who is connected at all times.
  • Device Protection. Keep your devices locked down. Each device represents a possible avenue of a data breach. Using an unprotected system to connect with associates on company devices can open doors for hackers. Kinetic Business OfficeSuite UC® is a solution that unites phone, HD video, web conferencing and more collaboration tools in one easy-to-manage platform.
  • Invest in the right Wi-Fi management tool. Imagine having the ability to  see who and what devices are connected to your network at your fingertips! SD-WAN allows you to leverage all your existing internet connections, find the best ones for prioritized traffic and get visibility into what’s eating up your bandwidth.
  • Password safety. You’ve heard it many times, but change your password often! Never use the same password twice. Secure password managers protect your identity, credentials and sensitive data. CNET recently released a list of the best password managers for 2021.
Learn how Kinetic Business by Windstream can be your technology solutions partner at business.windstream.com.
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