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Always-On Improves Internet Uptime, Network Reliability and Business Productivity

And, at your peak time, it happens — your Internet connection takes a nosedive. You lose access to your most important applications that are at the heart of your smooth business operations. Your customers or clients grow frustrated that they can’t accomplish what they planned. Your employees may get a little irritable that they can’t service your customers, and their productivity takes a nosedive. What’s worse — sure, those customers may leave for that one time, but they might never come back.
It’s a small business owner’s nightmare, right?
Suffice it to say, you’ll want to put your best foot forward at all times, especially those busy seasons. Above all, that means you’ll want to avoid costly mistakes and scenarios like the example above.

How Do you Ensure Internet Uptime and Business Continuity?

Say hello to Always-On, our gift to you. At Kinetic Business by Windstream, we want to help the communities where we live and serve, and that includes enabling our small businesses to compete and grow.
That’s why we’re now offering Always-On, a wireless Internet backup solution with 99.999% (five nines) SLA Internet uptime, ensuring that your business runs smoothly and that you can deliver only the best customer experience .
Add our Always-On service to your Kinetic Business-Class Internet connection or to your Kinetic Business voice and Internet bundle for an extra $39.99 a month.

How Does Always On Internet Work and is it Reliable?

So, how does it work? If you experience a disruption in your primary Internet service, you will automatically switch over to a wireless Internet backup connection until your primary service has been restored.
Wondering how much network reliability can actually affect your business? Consider this: Internet downtime can cost a small business anywhere from $8,000 to $74,000 per hour, according to the Ponemon Institute, and with an average of 14 hours of Internet downtime a year, those numbers will sure add up. That doesn’t account for any impacts to your brand reputation, which could take several weeks, if not months, to recover.
But, with Always-On Internet, you’ll have the greatest network reliability to drive business productivity — and a bigger bottom line. You’ll also get some of the benefits of Dedicated Internet, such as an uptime SLA, without the hefty price tag.
And, all you’ll have to do is reap the rewards!
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