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Bandwidth vs. Speed: the Same, but Different

Let’s take a quick peek at speed and bandwidth, and why you should care about both. At a very basic level, speed is the transfer rate. How fast data can travel over your connection if it were the only traveler. But we know that’s never the case, which brings us to bandwidth—the capacity or amount of “speed” available for use. The more available capacity—or bandwidth—you have, the better your network can support simultaneous devices and network activities without interruptions or crashes.

From a Roar to a Trickle

Imagine your network is a river, flowing full speed ahead. You put a kayak on that sucker and it’s going to fly downstream. But what happens when people start siphoning off water? The power plant, that new desert retirement community, the beer factory. Each offshoot weakens the main current. Too many offshoots and that kayak isn’t going anywhere fast.
So, you have two choices. You can stop using all the things you rely on every single day to get work done. (Not happening.) Or, you can increase your internet speed and bandwidth and continue racing ahead.

Work Without Limits

The thing is, until recently, you just couldn’t get business internet that offered the enterprise-class speed and capacity to truly make a difference for your business. You were stuck with the dregs of Megs. But that’s all changed. Kinetic Business by Windstream has brought the same internet used by the biggest companies in the biggest cities—to your community. In fact, not only have we quadrupled access to 100 Mbps speeds in the past year, but we’ve brought 1 Gig fiber speeds to over 100,000 businesses in 2019. And we’re just getting started.
So, now you can crank open the internet valve and fuel all those things that make your business move faster. And you can stop worrying about silly questions like “What’s the difference between internet speed and bandwidth?” Because it won’t matter—you’ll have plenty of both.
Visit Kinetic Business to learn how we can power your productivity.
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