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3 Reasons Medical Practices Need Fiber Internet for Business

Jul 13, 2022

The internet has become an integral part of healthcare operations in two main ways. It allows for the communication of patient information across sites, and it allows for direct communication between patients and their physicians.

As of 2019, 89% of office-based physicians were using electronic medical or health record systems. Without internet connections, all of these doctors would be unable to input new patient information, or to access existing patient information.


As for critical patient-doctor interaction, telehealth services skyrocketed after the onset of COVID-19. From March to April 2020 alone, telehealth visits rose from less than 1% of visits to 80% of visits in certain areas of the country.

With this heavy reliance on internet connectivity to ensure proper execution of treatment plans, it’s more important than ever for healthcare groups to have fast and reliable internet connections. Fiber internet designed for businesses is a top solution for all of the medical practices that need uninterrupted connectivity. Here are 3 reasons why.

(1) Fiber internet offers scalability as your business grows.

Mergers and site expansions are both common happenings in the healthcare industry. And as a medical business grows, so does the number of devices that are simultaneously streaming content within each location. Doctors and staff members may be connecting their own phones, tablets, laptops, their work phone and their desktops, among other devices. 

“With fiber internet, businesses automatically have more scalability to meet bandwidth demands as their team continues to use more devices, and therefore more bandwidth, at each site,” said Allan Pieroni, Broadband Product Manager for Kinetic.

Fiber internet with a high-speed plan is recommended in order to accommodate those growing bandwidth needs.

(2) High speeds up to 1 Gig are a key benefit of fiber internet.

Fiber internet plans like those with Kinetic Business Fiber Internet can reach high speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, allowing medical teams to stream and work without limitations. While typical high-speed internet might have different upload and download speeds, fiber internet offers high speeds across both upload and download capabilities.

In clinical spaces, this consistency and speed has the power to support providers who need fast access to internet-based information, whether as a part of diagnostic efforts or of treatment plan buildouts. It’s also critical in aiding the quick communication of test results and follow-up needs between care teams and their patients.

(3) Fiber internet has a minimal risk of network interference.

Because fiber internet offers high speeds as well as a lesser risk of interference from other devices on the network, providers can hold virtual appointments with patients without worrying about bad connections and delayed care. 

“Because there’s less of a chance for cross-talk with all of the devices connected to the network, medical businesses can expect a cleaner user experience,” Pieroni said./p>

For even more reliability, fiber optic cables themselves are resistant to weather conditions as well as to electromagnetic interference when close to other types of cables. This means that outages are less prevalent for businesses that choose fiber internet.

Considering fiber internet for your medical practice?

While fiber internet can be more costly to install than other methods of internet connectivity, medical practices need to invest in high-quality connectivity in order to deliver high-quality care. This enables them to stay in close contact with their patients, as well as to constantly stay connected to critical resources and documentation.

“Kinetic products and services are designed with high-performing wireless standards in mind,” Pieroni said. “We offer a premium Wi-Fi experience, an award-winning internet security platform and the ability to scale as medical practices expand.” 

Learn more about Kinetic Business Fiber Internet plans here.