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Connecting Business: Experts Bring Insight on Protecting Your Business Amid Rising Cybersecurity Concerns

Cybersecurity experts from all over the US talk about how cyber-attacks got started, what makes you the most vulnerable, and what you should do to protect your home and business from a breach.

Oct 05, 2021


Black Business Month Spotlight: Dom’s Trucking

After working as a supply chain director that allowed him to work directly in transportation, Dominique Walker knew that was the business for him.

Sep 22, 2021

Maintaining Corporate Culture in the Age of Remote Work

Corporate culture is critical in how employees deliver on the business strategy. Employees who feel engaged in honorable or beneficial work are more motivated to hit goals and introduce the kind of innovation that propels a company forward. 

Sep 08, 2021


Connecting Business Episode 12: K-12: Leaders & Educators Embrace Technology in Education

As schools are back in session for in-person learning, we sit down with Adam Hooker, business manager of the Laurel County School District in Laurel County, Kentucky to talk about how technology in education has redefined learning.

Sep 05, 2021


Connecting Business Episode 11: The New Hybrid Workspace & How Businesses Are Adapting

A LinkedIn Editor and a Chief Human Resource Officer - What do they have in common? A passion for people.

Aug 30, 2021


Go Your Own Way

As crazy as it sounds, the pandemic is proving to be a great incubator of notions about starting a business.

Aug 30, 2021


Getting Back in the Swing of Things

As many companies seek to get somewhat back to normal, the definition of the modern workplace has changed underfoot. And with COVID variants on the rise from coast to coast, many business leaders – from corporate executives to Main Street entrepreneurs – are looking for ways to keep employees safe on the job while dealing with workers’ new preferences in where and how they work. 

Aug 30, 2021


Black Business Month Spotlight: Pomp Posh

When Syreeta Hutchins accepted a job in North Carolina, the couple had to relocate, and she never imagined she’d find herself in the party rental business. What started as a side hustle of renting chairs for events, turned into the adventure of a lifetime.

Aug 06, 2021

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