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6 Signs Your Business Is Ready for the Cloud

Sign #1 – You’re Well-Connected

The cloud is great, but there’s only one road in and out—your internet connection. If you’re already a Kinetic Business customer with Fiber or Business Class Internet, you’re already in good shape with fast, reliable download and upload speeds. If, however, your online connectivity is spotty or unreliable, you may experience network slowdowns, which can hamper cloud service productivity. Before you move to the cloud, confirm your internet speed is at least 10 Mbps.

Sign #2 – You Could Benefit from Remote Workers

What would it mean to your business if you could hire people virtually anywhere and enable them to work as efficiently as if they were in the office? This access to a huge talent pool and providing employees with the option to work remotely has proven to not only increase productivity, but to also improve morale and encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. With cloud collaboration services like Connected Office UC, employees can access business tools and data on the go, allowing great ideas to be acted upon anytime, anywhere.

Sign #3 – Your Hardware Is Worse for Wear

Unless you were recently visited by the Server Fairy, chances are some (if not most) of your network hardware is quickly approaching its end of life. You could invest in replacement gear, pouring more money into servers, routers, and firewalls that represent a nearly outdated approach to data storage and protection. Or, you could forgo new hardware purchases altogether, and take advantage of enterprise-level technology, security, and ease of use through the cloud. Services likecloud firewalls, online storage and backups and virtual phone systems can be adopted with less hardware and fewer headaches.

Sign #4 – Your Biz Is on the Move

As your business grows, so will its office space needs. Whether you open additional offices or move to a bigger location (hopefully, next to a taco truck), migrating to the cloud can help lower costs by forgoing the need to add new IT personnel and equipment. When you move to the cloud, connections are location-independent, making it easier for your existing staff members to work from any available office space or, with managed cloud services, even reduce the need for IT personnel altogether. 

Sign #5 – BC/DR Is a Big Deal

A robust business continuity/disaster recovery plan is something no business should be without. The loss of a single server could wipe out years of vital files and irreplaceable information, and if you’re still relying on local resources like tape or any kind of on-site backup, you may never be able to retrieve that data. Consider the fact that 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never reopen or close within 18 months. When you move your data to the cloud, you get a head start on a solid BC/DR plan, as your data is stored safely off-site in the cloud.

Sign #6 - Your Business Is Sensitive

From credit card info to employee information, your business is responsible for the integrity and protection of sensitive data. Even a minor breach could destroy customer trust or result in costly fines. A move to cloud security solutions can help you maintain compliance and greatly reduce security risks. Protect sensitive information and proprietary company data with end-to-end encryption and minimal oversight.

Ooh, That One Looks Like a Bunny!

Just as actual clouds take many shapes, so can the virtual cloud in complementing your business. Visit kineticbusiness.com to learn more about which cloud services are right for you and how much connectivity you need to make it work for your business.
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