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Benefits of Unified Communications for Recruiting

New communications platforms facilitate this new flexibility. Unified communications describes software solutions that combine text and voice channels with other business routes like fax and video — and extend access to any connected device. The technology is designed to connect sales executives and associates with customers and each other where they are. But, even moreso, it is a core building block to supporting the flexible workstyles that top talent demand these days.

Hardware and Cloud-ware

Initially, unified communications in the workplace was enabled by IP-based hardware that physically sat in the office and was capable of integrating VoIP and online collaboration tools. 

However, the unified communications that we are familiar with today extends communications, collaboration and management outside the workplace to mobile devices and remote workers. This is due to the shift from premises-based UC to cloud-based UC, or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Not only does UCaaS enable business mobility, but it also allows businesses to adopt UC without a heavy capital investment — being delivered as a subscription service over an internet connection and oftentimes compatible with existing IP-enabled desk phones.

New Employee Expectations

So how does the evolution of unified communications play into your recruiting, and even retention efforts? It all circles back to enabling that employee flexibility that current job seekers crave so much.
“Remote work is not a trend,” warns the State of Remote Work-2019 report.
In an analysis this year by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, remote work positions have grown nearly 160% since 2005. In just one of those years, 2016-2017, remote jobs grew about 8%. Today, remote workers are 3.4% of the total U.S. workforce — 4.7 million Americans “telecommute” to work.
Among the reasons working remotely appeals to the more than 2,500 surveyed in the State of Remote Work report is having a flexible schedule, and working from any location. However, one of the two greatest struggles noted was effective collaboration/communication (17%).
Having the technology that allows you to evaluate remote candidates automatically expands your talent pool and gives you a leg up on competition that has yet to embrace this shift. And, even if your ideal candidate is local, being able to offer workplace flexibility is a strong pull. 
It is also a strong selling point to show candidates that you not only have the capability to support remote, or field, positions but that you have an industry leading solution that takes it even further with any device access to features such as:
  • HD video conferencing (face-to-face and screen sharing)
  • Mobile twinning (calls ring simultaneously on desktop and mobile)
  • Company-wide chat (instant message)
  • Real-time presence and availability
  • Hundreds of calling features and unlimited calling
  • Web collaboration and screen-sharing tools
  • Visual voicemail and speech-to-text
  • Online faxing
Kinetic Business by Windstream has a solution that does this and more. Our award-winning, 100% cloud-based UC solution, OfficeSuite UC®, standardizes communications and collaboration tools across your organization and simplifies management as well. With features such as HD video conferencing, remote employees no longer feel like strangers or struggle to communicate or collaborate effectively. Watch your productivity, collaboration and recruiting efforts soar in 2020 when you invest in a solution like OfficeSuite UC®. To learn more about the features and benefits of OfficeSuite UC® visit OfficeSuiteUC.com. Happy hunting in 2020!
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