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  • Calculating the Speed You Need: Take the Quiz

Calculating the Speed You Need: Take the Quiz

  • Usage: who will be using the Internet?
  • Frequency: how often will it be used?
  • Purpose: what will it be used for?
  • Accessibility: how many devices will need to access the Internet?
When calculating your necessary speeds, these are all viable questions to consider. At Windstream, we created this short quiz to help you get a sense of what works for your business.
1. How many devices do you typically have running at once?

a. 10+

b. 5-10

c. 1-5

2. On average, how many users are accessing your network at any given time?

a. 10+

b. 5-10

c. 1-5

3. Which of the following devices are used the most often in your small business?

a. Computer

b. Tablet (e.g. iPad)

c. Landline Phone or Smartphone (e.g. iPhone or Android)

4. What is the primary purpose of Internet usage for your small business?

a. Video/Audio presentations

b. Point of Sale / E-commerce

c. Business Logistics (inventory, accounting, other)

5. On average, how often do you upload high res images/video?

a. Frequently

b. Sometimes

c. Rarely

6. How would you describe your company’s website (Check those that most apply)?

a. High quantity of video and visuals

b. Fairly simple & static, with standard formatting

c. Relatively static, requires little to no maintenance

7. Do you offer/support customer Internet needs (e.g. free WiFi)?

a. Yes

b. No

8. If so, how many average customers per day are accessing your network?

a. 25+

b. 10-25

c. 1-10

9. What time of day do the majority of your customers use your network?

a. Evening

b. Morning

c. Afternoon

10. Does your business operations require access to the cloud?

a. Yes

b. No

If You Answered Mostly A’s: 100 Mbps (Advanced Speed)

You have numerous devices running at once which require faster speeds to keep your Internet from getting congested and slowing down. Additionally, with a high number of people accessing your network at any given time and a desire to support your customers’ Internet needs, 100 Mbps will enable you to achieve all this and more. With speeds of 100 Mbps, with speeds of 100 Mbps, lag time is lessened with multiple users. And if you’re a heavy data user or have upload demands, you need to consider a Dedicated Internet solution.

If you Answered Mostly B’s: 50 Mbps (Expanded Speed)

With several devices and users accessing your network at any given time, 50 Mbps is the right amount of speed to power your business needs. As your business grows, you can always explore options to increase your speed and expand your network

If You Answered Mostly C’s: 25 Mbps (Moderate Speed)

With only a few devices accessing the network at a time and fairly simple Internet needs, 25 Mbps is sufficient to get keep you and your customers connected.
Of course, if you have any questions, call one of our customer care representatives, or click here and request a call back. To read more about our latest Internet offers, go here.
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