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Gig Is the Next Meg

Jul 02, 2019

If you know what floppy drives are, you know they were revolutionary. The ability to move data from one clunky machine to another?! That was huge! Then came thumb drives, which might as well have been alien technology. Laptops, mobile phones, batteries, transportation, etc. We could go on and on. We could even bring Blockbuster into this conversation, but there’s no need to speak ill of the ill. (We’d say deceased, but it turns out there is one Blockbuster left. If you go, grab us some Sno-Caps at checkout.)

The point is, technology evolves faster than human foresight. And what you think is the next great thing becomes yesterday’s punchline in the blink of an eye.

A Mega Misperception

Perhaps nowhere is tech shortsightedness more prevalent than when considering internet speeds. The move from dialup to cable- and DSL-driven speeds at hundreds of Mbps was monumental. No way you’d ever need to go any faster, right? Wrong. Because then came the cloud and video streaming and basically everything-as-a-service, which means you have one road to all your hosted apps, data and all the things you rely on to get stuff done. And that huge new highway you thought would always be more than enough suddenly looks like a country lane. 

Which Brings Us to Gig

We get it. Right now Gig seems like overkill. I mean, 1,000 Mbps? That’s crazy talk! But in the very near future, it will inevitably be the slowest speed offered—the new Kbps, if you will. Because technology keeps marching forward and we will all demand it. So it’s not a matter of whether you should move to Gig internet service, but when. And for businesses in particular, that decision could mean the difference between operating at maximum efficiency and falling behind the times—and the competition.

BTW, It’s Already Here

Kinetic Business by Windstream has expanded its gigabit internet service to 100K businesses in just this year alone. And we’re just getting started. So get ahead of the curve with Gig and get all the speed you need today, with easy scalability for whatever comes tomorrow. And make no mistake, tomorrow will be here, like, tomorrow. 

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