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How Safe is Your Network?

  • Hardware: Is your hardware up to date?
  • Accessibility: Who has access to your network?
  • Usage: How much activity is normal for your network? What applications do you use most?
  • Education: Are your employees trained to protect your network?
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. And we here at Windstream Small Business want to help strengthen your network security and the data traveling through it. The quiz below can help determine how prepared you are to keep your business and its critical data protected.

1) When was the majority of hardware/equipment running your business installed?

A. Within the past 6-12 months

B. 1-5 years ago

C. 5+ years ago

D. 10+ years ago

2) How often do you check your equipment?

A. Daily or Weekly

B. Monthly

C. Annually

D. Never

3) How much activity is normal for your network?

A. 1-5 GB of data/day

B. 5-10 GB of data/day

C. 10-25 GB of data/day

D. 25 GB+ of data/day

4) Have you ever had a security breach within your business?

A. No

B. No, but there have been close calls

C. Yes, but only once

D. Yes, more than once

5) When was the last time you installed new updates?

A. Within the past 12 months

B. 1-5 years ago

C. 5+ years ago

D. 10+ years ago

6) Do you have specific policies in place regarding usage of your network?

A. No

B. No, but I am planning to implement network usage policies

C. Yes, but not all employees are trained on them

D. Yes, all employees are educated and trained on network usage policies

7) Which of the following can access your network?

A. Employees Only

B. Employees + third party vendors

C. Employees + customers + third party vendors

D. None of the above

8) Approximately what percentage of your employees is equipped to react to a data/network breach?

A. 100%

B. More than half

C. Half

D. Less than half

9) How important is protecting your network to the vitality of your business?

A. Very important

B. Somewhat important

C. Somewhat unimportant

D. Not important

10) After taking this quiz, how likely are you to take action to better secure your business network?

A. Very likely

B. Somewhat likely

C. Somewhat unlikely

D. Not likely

If You Answered Mostly A’s: Well Prepared

It’s tough to do it all when you run a small business, but by checking your hardware frequently and ensuring your equipment is up to date, you are well situated to protect your business, including customer data, against security breaches. Maintain this consistency and keep your employees trained on the proper usage of your networks because, as the Internet of Things continues to proliferate, there will be ongoing cybersecurity risks.

If You Answered Mostly B’s: Adequately Prepared

There is room to tighten your security by more regularly assessing your business and network needs. Make sure you have installed the most up to date equipment to best support your everyday business activities.  

If You Answered Mostly C’s: Room for Improvement

There’s definitely room for improvement in terms of checking your hardware, upgrading your systems and educating your employees about protecting your network. You are aware of the importance of data security but may prioritize everyday business tasks over network security. You’re not alone: A 2015 Endurance International Group survey reveals that more than four of every five small business owners believe cybersecurity is a concern, but less than half invested in the resources to protect the business.

If You Answered Mostly D’s: Your Data Could Be at Risk

Your data could be at risk. The scenario is not uncommon: More than two-fifths of small business owners fell victim to a cyberattack, according to a 2016 survey by the National Small Business Association. The good news is that security software is constantly improving, making maintenance easier and more accessible to the time-starved small business owner.  

If your small business has room for improvement or its data is at risk, read about six ways to improve your internet safety and network security. And even if you’re adequately or well prepared, make sure you stay up-to-date on all the recommendations to fortify your network security.

Windstream Small Business can help defend your company’s data with various value-add packs, including a security pack, and a la carte services, such as internet security and online backup and remote IT.
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