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If Your Life is Anything Like a Box of These Chocolates, You're in Good Shape

Glacier Confection, named for one of Bill’s favorite places, Glacier National Park, is located in Tulsa’s up-and-coming Brady Arts District. Incidentally, the shop is just a few doors down from Tulsa Glassblowing School, which we featured in October.
This is just a small sampling of the many chocolates Bill and his associate, Hannah, make by hand every day. They almost look too pretty to eat. The Elvis is on the bottom left.
Bill achieves the shape of his Malibu Rum chocolate, seen here, by using a special mold. Bill has a collection of what he calls “adult chocolates” that includes flavors like Guinness, Mojito, Pina Colada, Margarita (made with a hint of salt, just like you’d find on the rim), Mai Tai (lime juice, orange, and light and dark rum), White Russian (white chocolate and Kahlua) and more.
This is the peanut butter & jelly flavored truffle, which is made with creamy peanut butter and fresh strawberry jam and encased in dark chocolate.  Bill uses a special machine that has a spray-painting mechanism to achieve the glossy and colorful look of his chocolates. The possibilities are endless.
Bill is originally from Providence, RI. He started out in the U.S. Army in 1975 and then worked for a large printing and packaging company. After successfully running his own package design company for many years, he opened Glacier Confection in 2010. The shop’s mission is to gain support and raise funds for veterans and their families. Bill helped create the Patriot Golf Course, which hosts an annual gala to raise money for veterans. Glacier Confection provides the gala with chocolate.
Bill’s background in product design means that when a customer buys a box of Glacier chocolates, they’re not just getting some sweet candy – they are getting a beautifully designed, high-quality package. 
Hannah meticulously fills white chocolate casings.
After this, she will pour chocolate on top of all the sheets and scrape off the excess to create the backs.
To order a box or two of Glacier Confection’s chocolates for yourself, visit their website.
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