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Internet Communications Connect Businesses To Customers — Fiber’s the way, for farm or office or café

That’s where business communications solutions come in. And when you say business communications solutions, you really mean anything from IP software for accountancy or billing to standard phone and Internet connections, and everything in between.
In the Midwest, my territory, Kinetic Business has its finger on the pulse of small- and medium-sized businesses from Lincoln, Nebraska, to Columbus Junction, Missouri, on up to Minnesota. Some clients are big enough to have IT professionals who understand the difference in fiber optic gigabit speeds and other Internet access methods and the benefits it brings to their business, while others are family businesses simply frustrated that their existing phone and/or Internet services aren’t cutting it any longer.
Regardless of which camp your business falls in, we have the business communications solutions for any workplace. We count coffee shops to call centers to farms among our customers. Each one has experienced a sea-change in its telecommunications needs in the last 20 years, even the last 10. Back then, the way to get ahead as a coffee shop was to out-brew and out-bake Starbucks, and that’s still the special care any cafe takes with its product. But in a college town like Lincoln, for instance, an Internet connection has to be ample enough for every laptop, tablet and smartphone inside and just outside. Those customers expect to tap into the Wi-Fi and never get a spinning wheel.
Call centers used to rely on on-site Private Branch Exchanges (PBX’s) and desktop CTI (computer-telephone integration) to automate call routing, call priority and “screen pops” (customer data) — all on big hard drive data storage systems. Today’s call centers rely on cloud-based CRM (customer relations management) and VoIP service (Internet phone calling). The capital investment once “lived” right alongside the workforce. Now, while the employees still use headsets and computers, the really specialized technology of a call center, including data collection, is far off-site.
And farms grow crops and raise livestock, a trade that still requires human hands, but now those hands pick outputs on wireless tablet interfaces from the field, swipe through yield maps from inside tractor cabs, or type in GPS coordinates for precision seeding, fertilizer and pesticide applications from inside an office. For all of these reasons, one of the most important “inputs” any farmer invests in is a trusted ISP (Internet service provider), and one of the best investments they can make is in a Kinetic Business 1 Gig Fiber Internet line, the fastest, most reliable broadband connection there is.
At Kinetic Business, we say that, if you look at the most important piece of any business, the number one thing, it is staying in communication with customers. Whether that’s over the phone or on the Internet, communication is always the most important thing to assure them they’re dealing with a reliable company.
If we haven’t begun talking about faster Internet speeds with you, give us a chance by calling (855) 439-2889, or visit windstream.com/business.
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