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Kinetic Business by Windstream Supports Small Business Saturday

Dec 12, 2018

More than half of all sales in the U.S happen with small businesses such as restaurants, boutiques, salons and shops. According to the Small Business Administration, last year alone, more than 108 million shoppers spent nearly $13 billion on Small Business Saturday

That’s why we are proud to support the most dynamic sector of the cities we live in: small businesses. On Small Business Saturday, we took to the streets to visit small businesses in our markets to show our appreciation for the roles they play in our Kinetic communities nationwide.

The American Independent Business Alliance says the commercial impact of supporting small businesses is lasting and uplifting for a local economy. Dollars spent with local merchants go toward small business operations such as overhead, inventory, support services, municipal taxes and employee pay. Wages are spread around town to churches, charities and at local business shopping malls or on “Main Street.” Such economic health attracts human capital, and productive people and families continue the cycle of local investments and growth.

We support businesses’ operational needs through our Kinetic Business by Windstream products and services. By providing communications services to these businesses, we grow local telecommunications infrastructure while increasing community jobs that give back to the growing economy. 

On Small Business Saturday we visited: 


Shalmet Company

Wolfey’s Bistro and Pub

South Shore Electric

The Abbewood

Gross Plumbing

Geisel Heating

Elyria Title

Atlas Cinema


Matthew Groff, IT Manager at G.R. Klinefelter Underwriters Inc.


Ford City Borough

North Carolina

Growing Tree Chiropractic


Lexington Green

Be sure to support your local economy and spread the message to support other local businesses near you!