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Know Your Wi-Fi: Tips From the Pros

May 19, 2020

With more families working remotely and managing school from home, a reliable, fast internet connection is more important than ever. Kinetic has always closely monitored our network traffic. Even with the recent increase in traffic, our network has remained strong and more than capable of handling our customers’ increased internet usage.

We want you to know we are here to support you and want to ensure you have the best internet experience possible. After five years in customer service at Kinetic by Windstream, I want to share some helpful tips I've learned to maximize your experience managing your connection and Wi-Fi performance.

1. Choosing Gateway Location

It is important to have the Gateway in a centralized place so the majority of connecting devices are covered by its reach. Also, ensure it’s elevated (off the floor) and in an upright position, preferably in an open space free of obstruction.

2. Checking for Interference

To minimize the interference with your Wi-Fi signal, place your Gateway away from these types of areas or items if at all possible: walls, windows, furniture, fans, fluorescent lights, metal surfaces, microwaves, refrigerators, TVs, computer monitors, cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless speakers, bluetooth devices and large amounts of water (like aquariums). If your home has multiple stories or three or more bedrooms, a Kinetic Wi-Fi Extender for your Actiontec 3200 modem can help enhance the connectivity throughout your home. Call us at 1-800-347-1991 if you have interest in a Wi-Fi extender.

3. Balancing Bandwidth

The speed Kinetic Internet provides is shared among every device connected to your Wi-Fi, so you may see a reduction in speed depending on how many devices are connected and how much bandwidth each device is consuming. Devices that are using lots of data, such as streaming media, online gaming or uploading large files, could impact your Wi-Fi performance. Take control of your Wi-Fi experience with Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager – view connected devices and signal strength, perform speed tests, reboot Gateway and more. It’s free and easy to use within your MyWIN app (an Actiontec 3200 modem is required).

4. Rebooting Your Gateway

Having issues connecting to the internet? Sometimes a simple reboot does the trick! Try unplugging the power cord from the back of the modem and check to make sure all the lights on the modem are turned off. Wait a few minutes and then plug the power cord back in. Wait for the light to turn green and then try connecting your device.

If you ever need support, it’s available through several resources included in the MyWIN app, online at or call 1-800-347-1991.

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