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Navigating MyOfficeSuite for Administrators

So, you’ve got your new phone set up, and now you’re likely headed to the MyOfficeSuite portal to get all the advanced features that aren’t possible with traditional landlines.

Life After Log-In

As as administrator, you’re not only a user, but you’re also charged with making updates and changes to the cloud-based communications system. Luckily, we at Kinetic Business by Windstream make it easy to handle both tasks with our single dashboard that includes customizable widgets for any and all features.

As an example, the widget “Incoming Call Routing” will change how calls are answered. Certain features — such as mobile twinning, when calls are sent to your office and mobile phones simultaneously — will require you to enable them in their respective widgets. Other features, like starting a digital receptionist, will require a bit more configuration in the portal.

By clicking on the “Customize Dashboard” link, you can add and remove widgets and rearrange the order, like moving most-used features to the top.

Scroll through the dashboard to enable all the features your small business needs and have it ready to go after that!

New Users

When you’re ready to add a new user, click on the “Settings” tab, and then go to “user manager.” From there, you’ll fill out information for the new user, and the system will send an email with instructions to him or her. Note that individual users can customize their own dashboards to their preferences without affecting the rest.


Under the “Billing” tab, you’ll find the month’s statement, along with your history. Pay the invoice online while you’re at it! Note that your bill will be updated automatically should you add or remove users.


If you ever get stumped on a tech issue with MyOfficeSuite, there are a few ways to resolve it. Under the “Support” tab, click on “Community” to search or ask questions. If you haven’t found a solution, ask us by clicking on the “help chat” button on the top right-hand side of the browser. Feel free to go to “Trouble Tickets,” to open a support ticket as well.

Take a few minutes to poke around and set up all the features you’ll want and need. If you’re not sure where to start, read our blog on the Top 10 most popular ones!
Once you feel you’ve gotten oriented with MyOfficeSuite, you’re free to take the office on the go!
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