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Need For Speed? Give Me Technicians Who Listen

I interact with business owners and IT departments, even homeowners, though, and they don’t always talk about speed. They’re more apt to pass along a great customer service experience during an upgrade or repair. That’s because Internet speed only registers when it’s missing.

With a Kinetic Business by Windstream optimal Internet connection in place, the real decision making will target-lock on our over-the-top applications, like video conferencing and cloud services. That starts with technicians who listen.

Answers Where Your Questions Live

Just the other day I overheard two influencers whispering to each other, I don’t know what the cloud is … and I don’t want to ask!
At Kinetic Business by Windstream, we spend a lot of time talking about the basics of technology because that’s where our relationship with you begins. We want to know where your questions live, and we’ll swing by with answers!

One of our clients is a gentleman who owns and runs a chain of funeral homes. He did not achieve industry success by being an expert in systems technology; he did it by delivering superior customer service. He got that same customer experience from us, when we installed an SD-WAN uplink for him, which is a failover backup solution and OfficeSuite software over the top.

Our solution brought some continuity to his funeral home chain, but our focus was on him and his concerns.


Another customer here in Lexington, a dentistry business with three offices, signed a contract with a wireless Internet service provider, but they are a voice services customer of Kinetic Business by Windstream. We would often hear about how often their Internet was crashing instead of their additional needs for voice services.
And they still had a year and a half on their Internet service contract!

Two of our staff members worked diligently with them to consider their options. We presented them with SD-WAN and our 4G failover, Always-On. We had many conversations about OfficeSuite which could ride over their existing connection.

Eventually, the offices suffered one crash too many and the dentist said, I’m finished. I’ll take it on the chin.
He paid the early termination fee and ended the Internet services contract.
Kinetic Business by Windstream has been a constant in our lives with voice services, he said. I’m ready to turn everything over to Kinetic Business by Windstream and let them handle it over the fiber network.
Chalk that success story up to reliability.


Kentucky has a lot of lakes, and a lot of marinas that folks come from all over the country to use (think houseboats).

In rural America, the old cell phone isn’t very reliable. At the marinas, you have to have on-premises phones and Internet service. We’re talking to marinas about 1 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) dedicated fiber Internetto handle the traffic of a hundred or more vacationing families on the docks and at the cantina uploading vacation photos and streaming videos, all while the staff is working a dozen computers and taking phone calls over OfficeSuite.

Yes, those are huge fiber investments for Windstream and the marinas, and it’s fast! But it’s speed paired with an application. That upgrade will drive sales at the marina by keeping people at the marina (not driving into town).
The movie “Top Gun” premiered in 1986. We measured network processing speeds then in double-digit kilobits per second, and there was no Internet. There was something called the NSFNET. But the movie line is perfect for the Internet age — “I feel the need, the need for speed.” I would just add, as part of an integrated business communication solution.

You can find out more about Kinetic Business by Windstream’s plans for fiber service directly to business clients by going to our Internet page.

Bart J. Daily is sales leader for the small and medium business team in Kentucky. He was previously Windstream’s Director of Enterprise sales training. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and specializes in sales leadership, enablement and training across ranks and responsibilities.
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