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OfficeSuite UC® Compared: Finding the Best Business Productivity Suite

But, one thing’s for sure: your business needs a strategic communications solution to drive it forward. So, what are your options?
Your best bet is a VoIP phone.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems allow you to use your Internet connection to facilitate phone calls, one of its biggest draws. Other reasons why businesses are loving this option are a lower monthly operational expense and a host of advanced features that promote greater flexibility and mobility.
Plus, VoIP phones can be a stepping stone into the much broader world of unified communications (UC). Many VoIP solutions include some UC features, but true UC will bring together — or “unify” — all of your business communications methods into one platform. Yes, that includes chat functions, web conferencing, voice and even fax.
And that’s not all: that unified communications platform is accessible across multiple devices, streamlining and easing your interactions and, ultimately, saving your business time and money.
Starting to see the benefits?

Introducing OfficeSuite UC®

Now, you’re ready to do some preliminary research and start looking into the top unified communications providers and their solutions, one being OfficeSuite UC®, the 100 percent cloud-based UC system from Kinetic Business by Windstream.
OfficeSuite UC® is uniquely designed with the user in mind, to improve productivity and collaboration with customers and colleagues. And, it’s just what your business needs to gain that collaborative edge.

Not quite sure? Let’s take a closer look at what makes our award-winning OfficeSuite UC® better than the rest:

1. No more headaches when moving cubicles or offices, or onboarding new employees.

The others: Cumbersome to add and manage new employees and assign phones and features, especially across multiple business offices in different locations.

Example: Phones can only be assigned to one person.

OfficeSuite UC®: Add new employees in seconds across all of your locations with the online portal. Assign devices, permissions and key profiles company-wide, simultaneously. Allow employees to use any phone in the office and still have their own preferred features load up when they log in with their passcode.

Example: Spinning up a new office? It’s easy! What used to take days can be done in one with bulk tools, such as bulk user uploads and profile assignments.

2. It reduces delays with easy-to-use tools.

The others: Services and support vary greatly. You can buy some select services online but not everything is available.

Example: Online trouble tickets and checking the status of tickets still requires a call into your representative, which takes a lot more time.

OfficeSuite UC®: A one-stop shop for everything you need! Add services, submit trouble tickets and access all of your tools in one place.

Example: Online billing, adding phones, locations, softphones, features, mobile apps, connectors, fax users and groups all within the online portal.

BONUS: Submit online trouble tickets or get help anytime with online chat, 24/7 support and answers from OfficeSuite UC® experts and fellow OfficeSuite UC® users in our online community.

3. It lets you spend more time with customers and less time struggling with antiquated star codes.

The others: Too much time wasted struggling with limited functionality and lack of customization.

Example: Can’t program feature keys and stuck with STAR codes you have to memorize! Or, keys can only be used as speed dials and lines, and any changes require a phone reboot.

OfficeSuite UC®: Easy to access a variety of desktop phone features as well as program and activate custom keys from anywhere.

Example: Program a variety of functions including Do Not Disturb, Forward to Voicemail and Forward to Coworker.

BONUS: Great productivity features — one touch keys, click-to-call, presence, chat, meetings and integrations.

4. You’ll get everything, even regardless of which device you use.

The others: Limit features available on a mobile device, and create a different user experience for different devices.

Example: No way to make a change, such as forwarding calls to a coworker or setting Do Not Disturb, via a mobile device. Starting a video or web conference requires you to be in office.

OfficeSuite UC®: It is designed with you in mind, giving you all the tools you need, regardless of device.

Example: Make and receive calls using our office number, start video conferences, update your call forwarding, see which coworkers and available to collaborate and instant message them — all from your mobile device.

If you need a bit more convincing, be sure to read up on 6 reasons why you should choose OfficeSuite UC®. If not, contact a Kinetic Business by Windstream representative today to get a free quote or get started on your business communications transformation.
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