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On The Go with OfficeSuite UC®

You small business owners may already have a few employees working remotely — either because of your hiring practices or because the job requires complete mobility, like HVAC technicians or Realtors.

Fortunately, there’s a way to keep all your employees in the loop with Windstream’s unified communications solution, OfficeSuite UC®.

What is OfficeSuite UC®?

OfficeSuite is Kinetic Business by Windstream’s cloud-based communications service that starts at $22.95 per line. Think of it as a more advanced phone system that requires no physical servers — only a device and Internet access.

The voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, system comes with an easy-to-use customer portal, MyOfficeSuite, where employees can customize their preferences and check in at any time, anywhere, using any device.

Features for Mobility

So, which OfficeSuite features are best for your on-the-go employees? We’ll help you break them down.

1. Auto Attendant

Read our how-to on setting up and personalizing Auto Attendant, a digital receptionist who can answer every call that your small business gets. Your administrator can set up Auto Attendant so that a phone keypad is assigned to a specific employee. The star key (*) can also be configured so that all employees can dial in, press the button, enter their extension and voicemail pin number and listen to their messages.

2. Voicemail Transcription

One of many voicemail features, voicemail transcription will write out your messages with key phrases highlighted and send them to you via email, attaching the actual voicemail as well.

3. Mobile Twinning

Receive calls on your office and cell phone simultaneously, and never miss a call again. You can even switch between two phones seamlessly.

4. Multi-desking and Hot-desking

Multi-desking will let you stay logged into up to five phone devices simultaneously. This will most certainly cover all of your options, including your PC or Mac and your mobile softphone. (We’ll get to what that one is in a minute.)

Hot-desking encourages mobility by allowing employees to use any phone around the workplace and even between other site locations.

5. OfficeSuite® Fax

If you’re mobile but all about those business documents, OfficeSuite Fax is the tool for you. Say goodbye to that clunky old fax machine. Online faxing allows employees to send and receive faxes from virtually any device, anywhere!

6. Mobile and Desktop Softphone Apps

Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to make and receive calls over the Internet. Your outgoing caller ID will be your OfficeSuite number. There’s no need to use your cell phone plan — even when you’re using your cell phone. And you can use your Bluetooth headsets!

Get started with these features if you’re always on the go, and see which work best for you!
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