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The 10 Most Popular Features of Unified Communications

In fact, in finding a new phone system, businesses have rated features related to answering and routing calls — such as auto attendant, online fax and softphones — as the most important. Diving a little deeper, the buyer trends report found that call forwarding, especially to mobile devices, is the top PBX capability and application that businesses want beyond the essentials.

Many UCaaS providers, though, offer a slew of features. (Our own OfficeSuite UC®, as an example, includes hundreds.) And, going through each and every feature to decide which ones can truly transform your business communications can be exhaustive. That’s why we at Kinetic Business by Windstream have put together this list of the top unified communications features.

Auto Attendant

Have a digital receptionist to ensure every call to your small business is answered and use pre-recorded greetings to provide general business information. (Learn more about auto attendants and how to set them up on OfficeSuite here.)

Hot Desking/Multi-Desking

Hot desking allows you to use any phone around your workplace and even between site locations. Multi-desking lets you stay logged in to five phone devices at once.


Page coworkers — even across multiple sites —  by programming an Intercom button to an empty, unassigned key. Hit the button, and your fellow employee’s extension to give them a quick page.

Mobile Twinning and Other Call Routing Options

With mobile twinning, you can send calls to your office line and your mobile phone simultaneously, and switch between the two seamlessly. Try the numerous other call routing setups, such as having your business phone line ring a certain number of times before the call is sent to another line.

Automatic VoIP Failover

A business continuity feature, automatic VoIP failover will sense when your primary line of communication goes down and will switch to an alternate line. Pair it with Emergency Overrides, which allow you to quickly reroute all calls during an emergency like a snowstorm or power outage.

OfficeSuite HD Meeting®

Host unlimited audio, video and web conferences — with chat and screen sharing functions — for up to 25 people. Organizers and participants can use any phone, tablet or computer, and participants don’t have to be an OfficeSuite user.

Softphone Applications

Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to make or receive calls over the Internet — without using your calling plan minutes and without incurring international or long-distance charges. Your outgoing caller ID will be listed as your OfficeSuite number.

Integration of Applications and Programs

Sync your work programs, such as customer relationship management software, patient data software and even Google Suite or Microsoft apps. This will ensure that your employees will have all the tools they need to get the job done, no matter where they are.

Online Fax

Get rid of that bulky fax machine and start sending any type of document — from PDFs to HTMLs — with online faxing. Simply use your business email to type in the receiver’s fax number, attach the documents that you wish to share and send it off!

Voicemail Transcription

Never listen to long voicemails again. Have your voicemails transcribed in a speech-to-text message with key phrases highlighted to read on the go. With this option, you can also receive an email with the transcription and receive a sound file as an attachment. (Transcription is just one of many advanced voicemail features of many unified communications solutions.)

Consider these features when you’re putting together your IP phone package.

Don’t fret if you’ve missed one either! Our award-winning OfficeSuite UC® comes with an easy-to-use online portal that lets you and your employees add and remove features and services, and even customize a dashboard to prioritize most-used features. (Wondering just how easy it is? Check out all the capabilities here.)

Want to learn more about our 100 percent cloud-based unified communications solution? Visit our OfficeSuiteUC® page or contact our Kinetic Business by Windstream team to see how it can transform your business today.

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