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Three Ways to Compete with Big Business

Hosted software solutions such as Google Docs and Skype abound, and you may take for granted that they are the best – or only – options available for connectivity and collaborative work. However, many providers offer in-house solutions that are extensive, secure alternatives for driving productivity and growth. Here at Windstream, for example, our newly released Hosted Communications solution gives even the smallest enterprises the means to punch above their weight and operate like a Fortune 500 company.
Powered by Broadsoft, Windstream Hosted Communications gives small business owners the image and functionality of a much larger organization, thanks to access to a wide array of enterprise-grade features without an inaccessible price tag. These IP-based phone solutions enable collaboration, mobility and continuity that is essential to scaling a small business, making your enterprise reachable anytime, from anywhere, and enabling work from remote locations. The ability to connect with employs quickly, to get and share information and reduce email and voicemail volume are capabilities even a small-scale business can’t function smoothly without.
Here are three ways we at Windstream enables your small business to punch above its weight with hosted communications:

Auto Attendant

When customers call your business, they expect the phone to be answered quickly, and they never want to hear a busy signal, even when it’s after hours or during a holiday period. The Auto Attendant feature in Windstream Hosted Communications makes this a done deal. You can manage in-bound calls with a multitude of parameters so that the experience for the caller is both professional and efficient. You control all of this from any device, from mobile to tablet to desktop, all with a user-friendly interface.

Desktop Sharing

If you need your employees or vendors to work on a project together, often at the same time, then Windstream Hosted Communications’ collaboration service will knock your socks off. A key component of any business, collaborative work is especially important now that many colleagues clock in remotely, but the tools for doing so are often assumed to be the domain of services like Google Docs. While that convenience may be appealing, security concerns on such open networks put your proprietary information at risk.
Desktop Sharing, meanwhile, allows customers and employees to securely share screens across devices, driving collaboration and increasing productivity without worrying about your data falling into the wrong hands.

Office Anywhere

Many businesses have a slew of phone numbers, making reaching a certain employee or voicemail a convoluted process. And if you’ve ever had to wait while a call is rolled-over to a next line, you know that you often have to wait many rings before the rollover occurs, and then you have to wait for the answer. This can frustrate a customer or vendor to the point of dropping the call before it’s answered.
Office Anywhere enables access to business owners no matter where they are, at any time, via one number. You can easily route your main business line to your mobile phone or home phone, from any device you have WHC connected to. From your personal mobile, desktop, or tablet, point the calls where you want them to ring. You can even transfer calls from your office phone to your mobile to your home land line while being on the call and it will be completely undetectable on the other end. This is one of our favorite features.

Windstream Hosted Communications gives even the smallest outfit the means to operate like – and compete with – Fortune 500 companies.  Learn more here.

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