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Top Three Ways To Bring Your Business Home

Mar 20, 2020

As more companies both small and large are transitioning to remote work, Kinetic by Windstream and Kinetic Business are now more than ever the trusted partners to keep business running securely. Kinetic has been building the digital foundation to help small businesses succeed, and also been building a business-grade high-speed internet network for residential customers, too, to work remotely and stay connected.

With Kinetic by Windstream and Kinetic Business, small and midsize businesses can migrate operations to new satellite workspaces with no new hardware purchases or big capital outlays.

Here’s three ways to lean on Kinetic by Windstream and Kinetic Business even if you pull back from a traditional office setting.

1. Reliable Internet

Kinetic’s fiber-backed internet makes it easy to work from home. Lightning fast Internet enables you to leverage new tools such as cloud applications, voice, security and continuity solutions. Feeling confident in your connection so that you can continue to meet, collaborate and create without interruption is essential.

2. Video Conferencing From Home

Connect with your coworkers from your computer screen or phone wherever you are when you use OfficeSuite UC®. This application that unites all your necessities into one reliable and easy-to-use platform. It encrypts all your calls, meetings and messages to the cloud blocking hackers from your data and keeping you at ease knowing your information is safe.

3. Retain Your Security

Kinetic Secure provides peace of mind knowing your business information is protected when you’re working at home. Providing smart, simple and reliable security is one of the best features Kinetic offers. Not to mention, Cloud Applications are packaged to make your home office easier to manage from storage to security, support to hosting, and more.

Kinetic Business high-speed internet, and communications solutions like OfficeSuite UC®, keep teams together and meeting clients’ needs, even when they’re social distancing.

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