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VoIP vs Landline for Business

But technology has evolved, and, believe it or not, there are now internet phone systems, called voice over internet protocol, or VoIP services.
So what exactly is the difference between a landline and VoIP, and which Windstream phone service does your small business need? Our Windstream Small Business team has you covered!

Difference Between Voice Lines & VoIP

Let’s start with the basics.

Voice Lines

Voice lines are your traditional landlines. You can have up to 10 lines with your Windstream business phone, along with unlimited long distance calling. Voice lines also include traditional features, such as caller ID, call forwarding and call waiting.


Think of VoIP, like OfficeSuite®, as a second generation voice line. OfficeSuite® is a 100 percent cloud-based phone system that typically has more advanced features you can’t get on a traditional landline, such as mobile twinning — when calls are sent to your office and mobile phones simultaneously — and hot desking — when you can use any phone in the office.

Which is Right for your Business?

Consider the day-to-day operations of your small business and what you are trying to achieve.

Are You Worried About Price?

VoIP is generally cheaper than a traditional landline, but it is obviously dependent on your internet. That means that you need the bandwidth to support it, along with your small business’ other internet-based needs.

Are You Always on the Go?

OfficeSuite® is all about mobility. If you’re on the road 24/7 or should disaster strike — taking down your primary network — your small business can stay up and running anywhere, anytime and from any browser. The hosted phone service can also integrate with third-party applications, such as the customer-management system, Salesforce.

Are You Looking to Grow?

Consider where you want your small business to be. Are you growing or looking to grow? And if so, how do scale that growth with what you currently have?

You may need to increase the number of phone lines as your small business expands. You can do so by adding another landline — remember our traditional business phone plans can support up to 10 lines — or another employee through OfficeSuite® and its self-managed phone system.

Get Started with Windstream Business

To learn more about Windstream’s business phone plans, visit our voice page. Windstream Small Business also offers internet and phone service bundles.

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