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Which Windstream Internet Product is Best for Your Small Business?

The tech tools that immediately come to mind are for business phone and internet services. You’ll be answering inquiries or concerns from customers and customer leads — whether by phone, chat service or social media — after all. And you may want to include free wi-fi for customers who visit your office or store — through a second connection — to give them the best experience.
But how do you know which internet speed is right for you? Here’s a rundown of the internet products that Windstream Small Business offers.

1. Business Class Internet

This high-speed business internet is DSL or cable, similar to that of your home’s internet service. It is available in five tiers — starting with up to 10 Mbps and going up to 1 Gig — depending on location. Our most popular service, business class internet can help with your day-to-day operations, including credit card transactions and online ordering.

2. Dedicated Internet

This dedicated internet line goes straight from Windstream’s facilities to your small business, which means you’ll have stronger network security. If your company needs consistent internet speeds at all times and symmetrical upload and download times — like clinics, law firms and accounting firms — look no further than Windstream’s dedicated internet.

3. SD-Wan

Best for our medium and larger small businesses, SD-Wan is a cloud-based internet solution that can give your small business single-site and multi-site location support. SD-Wan is a cost-effective tool to increase your business’ bandwidth and prioritize applications for the ultimate business productivity.

Take our quiz and keep in mind what your small business’ internet-based needs are.

Visit our internet services page and our bundles page to learn more about Windstream Small Business options in your area. Get your free quote today for high-speed internet and Windstream’s comprehensive packages!

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