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Why Dedicated Internet?

First, a little recap of Dedicated Internet: A part of our Kinetic Internet suite, Dedicated Internet can literally be whatever your small business needs. It’s designed to meet your network needs, whatever they may be.
So, why Dedicated? Here are six reasons to consider it:

1. Your Line, Your Way

Like we mentioned earlier, Dedicated Internet is our way of getting your small business the network that it needs. What does that mean? We will build an Internet line from our facilities straight to your small business. In short, that means we will build whatever it is you feel you need for small business network — whether it’s a sturdier connection or faster speeds.

2. Strengthen Your Internet Connection

Because of the direct Internet connection, your small business will have guaranteed (99.99%) uptime. And we’ll guarantee that through a service-level agreement, or SLA, that requires us to reimburse you should your network go down.

3. Get All the Speed You Need

With a direct connection, you will get the speed you need since you won’t have to share bandwidth with other private networks. Unlike traditional Internet, Dedicated Internet will allow you to have symmetrical upload/download speeds — a plus for small businesses that use video conferencing (perhaps through HD meeting on our award-winning OfficeSuite UC®) or other upload-heavy activities, like exchanging files over the Internet.

4. Secure Your Network

We’ve already discussed on the blog how crucial it is to protect your network and ways to strengthen your network security. Dedicated Internet is one way to fortify your network, mainly because you’re not sharing your connection with anyone else.

5. Disaster, Be Gone

Traditional Internet connections can be more susceptible to outside forces like the weather. With Dedicated Internet, Kinetic Business by Windstream not only provides your small business with an SLA but also ensures failover technology via redundancy through 4G wireless backup. Should your circuit fail, your network will kick you over to our wireless backup to ensure business continuity. Be sure to ask our sales reps about including this feature with your Dedicated Internet.

6. Dedication from Kinetic Business

As a Kinetic Business customer, we’re here to help you from the start. Our local sales professionals can help guide you through the purchase process, so you know all the key features available with your product and what you are getting. Our installation managers will help ensure a smooth onboarding process, and an assigned account manager will serve as your single point of contact should any problems arise. At Kinetic Business by Windstream, we are committed to enabling the communities in which we live and serve — and that includes your small business. We want to see you compete and grow, and we’ll be alongside you every step of the way.

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