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Why Extra Connect Adds Security

A second business Internet line could also help improve your business network security. How?

Let’s say you own a clinic, and you’d like to offer your patients public Wi-Fi while they wait for their appointments or loved ones. You’re likely using your Kinetic Internet line to do many things from processing credit card transactions to telemedicine.

Or, let’s say you are a financial advisor, and you have sensitive data within your emails or elsewhere about your clients. You’re likely using your business internet to generate leads and to gain the information you need to actually advise.
In both cases, an Internet connection for customers would be ideal. And in both cases, having those customers on a separate connection would be even more ideal.

Enter Extra Connect, a second business Internet connection at one low cost.

If your customers are on the same Internet connection as your staff, you would be opening up your small business to unauthorized activity. Customers — or even hackers — could more easily gain access to your internal resources that may contain sensitive data. Having only one connection could also put your small business’ PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance at risk, and, even further, your compliance with larger regulatory laws, like HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

And while having a second Internet connection lets you rest a little easier, it may also be wise to consider a controlling app or software, similar to parental control apps, that allows you to limit what your patrons do on your free Wi-Fi. After all, you wouldn’t want your patrons — or anyone else skimming on your Windstream Wi-Fi — to do something online that can place others using the network to have their information compromised — and you wouldn’t want one person to hog all of the bandwidth!
Contact a Kinetic Business team member today to learn more about Extra Connect and what it can do for your small business.
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