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Feature Resources

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Hear from real business experts talking about real business solutions. Discover simple, smart ways to grow your business today.


December 2021: A look back at #ConnectingBusiness

As we look back on the year–and what a year it was–  Connecting Business brought insightful conversations on how businesses have thrived and pivoted when it matters most.

Jan 05, 2022


January 2022: The Future is Predictable

For companies both large and small, there’s always one lingering question: what’s coming in the future and how do I get my business there? The future is predictable, but the outcomes are not. As we kickoff 2022, we sit down with Business Futurist Cecily Sommers to discuss business trends, habits of mind, organizational needs and more to help your business stay the course no matter what the future holds.

Jan 25, 2022


October 2021: Experts Bring Insight on Protecting Your Business Amid Rising Cybersecurity Concerns

Cybersecurity experts from all over the US talk about how cyber-attacks got started, what makes you the most vulnerable, and what you should do to protect your home and business from a breach.

Oct 05, 2021


Connecting Business Episode 12: K-12: Leaders & Educators Embrace Technology in Education

As schools are back in session for in-person learning, we sit down with Adam Hooker, business manager of the Laurel County School District in Laurel County, Kentucky to talk about how technology in education has redefined learning.

Sep 05, 2021


Connecting Business Episode 11: The New Hybrid Workspace & How Businesses Are Adapting

A LinkedIn Editor and a Chief Human Resource Officer - What do they have in common? A passion for people.

Aug 30, 2021


Connecting Business Episode 10: How Digital Transformation has Helped Independent Retailers Find Success

Cookie dough and stationery. They’re not typically associated with retail success through digital transformation. So how did Kelsey Moreira of Doughp: Legit Cookie Dough and Chandra Greer of Greer Chicago find themselves on top of the retail game - without a storefront - in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic? 

Jul 20, 2021


Connecting Business Episode 9: Why Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is Good for Business ROI

In this episode of Connecting Business, host Christina Munoz discusses the importance of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) with Blake Woolsey, Chief Communications and Development Officer at Heartland Forward, and Michael McCathern, Executive Director at the John Maxwell Team.

Jun 17, 2021


Connecting Business: Episode 8: How To Be A Military Friendly Business

Connecting Business: How To Be A Military Friendly Business

May 12, 2021

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