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Quick Tip: 5 OfficeSuite Tips for the Holiday Business Traveler

And, let’s be honest, you’re probably not putting your business on hold during all that travel time. So, whether you’re on a plane, a train or an automobile, how do you keep up?
There’s no easier way than with VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, like our award-winning OfficeSuite UC®.
What is VoIP, you wonder? It’s a complete communications solution in which analog data is digitized and then transmitted over the Internet. It allows users to access their business phones anywhere, at any time and from any device — as long as there’s an Internet connection!
Starting to see how VoIP can help you this holiday season? Try out these 5 tips on using a VoIP phone service, like OfficeSuite, for all your travel needs:

1. Set Away Messages.

If you’re flying somewhere, and don’t have access to phone services, be sure to set away messages on your office chat feature, along with your business phone line. (Don’t forget to set an out-of-office responder for your business email account as well.)
Use your message to let your co-workers and customers know when you plan to be out of service and if you will be checking your contact points. That way they will know when to expect to hear from you.

2. Re-Route Calls, If Needed.

If you’re waiting for a very important call — or if you’ll be out for an extended period of time —  you may want to turn on the feature that reroutes your calls to someone else who might be in office.
Need to change it last minute? No worries! Log onto your service portal, like MyOfficeSuite, using your softphone app, find the widget and make the change in minutes!

3. No Minute to Spare? Check Messages while Traveling.

Trying to cram in all your business dealings during travel time? VoIP’s voicemail options are for you! You can receive your voicemails attached to an email that also includes a transcription of the message. You could just as easily connect to the Internet — in-flight Wi-Fi, anyone? — and respond to the message via email.

4. Play Catch-Up.

Some travel methods have a lot of downtime — and that’s without delays. Use that downtime to your advantage: play catch-up. You may find that those are rare moments when you may have access to all your communication tools. Take care of all the pressing matters, and then you can return to away message.

5. Set Aside Time to Relax.

Most importantly, find some “me” time. The holidays are a busy time as is between managing your small business, traveling and seeing or hosting your extended family. Be sure to let go of that all-business, all-the-time mentality and take a breather.
Ready to try out VoIP this holiday season? Contact our Kinetic Business by Windstream team to learn more about our award-winning OfficeSuite UC®.
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