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Business & Brews: The Benefits of Doing Business Locally

Our Business and Brews event at Twenty-Six Acres Brewing Company was a big success! We met and networked with business representatives from all over the Concord area, and we even got to taste a few locally brewed beverages while we were at it.
“What’s exciting about small businesses is that you can’t always classify them into one lump sum group,” said Dan Hannon, manager of Windstream small business sales in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama. “They’ve all got innovative ideas and their own respective passions that we can couple with our services to help grow their businesses even more.”
Shopping at large retailers and online can be tempting, but the benefits of doing business locally can outweigh the perceived conveniences.  

1. A Stronger Local Economy

Supporting local businesses can explicitly benefit the local economy. Compared to chain stores, more money made from shopping local goes directly back into the community and the people that live there. In fact, according to Local First, $68 for every $100 stays in the community when spent at a local business, compared to only $43 when spent at a non-local business.

2. More Personalized Service

When you shop local you are doing business with people in your community who better understand your needs. Local business owners are more likely to form one-on-one relationships with customers, knowing many of them by name. Dealing with large corporations can be a hassle, and you may oftentimes wonder if they even care about you as a customer. Cut out the uncertainty and do business where your consumership is valued most!

3. A Tight-Knit Kinetic Community

We are all about connecting the communities in which we live and serve. Doing business locally gives you the opportunity to form bonds with your neighbors in a web of goodwill. Show your local business owners that you support them! Shop local, give them a shoutout on social media, sign up for their loyalty programs and help them spread the word!

At Kinetic Business by Windstream, we are committed to keeping you and your community connected, and that’s why we offer premium products for you, your neighbors and your businesses.
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