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Honoring Small Business By Meeting Their Challenges And Solving Their Problems

Harry S. Truman isn’t the only enterprising small businessman to become president, but he is the most recent. That’s one reason why, for the last 56 years, by presidential proclamation, we celebrate National Small Business Week. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than half of America owns or works at an “SMB,” and small businesses create two in every three new jobs.
We honor small businesses each year because, like progress in any form, entrepreneurship takes courage.

Strategic Vendor Partners

Businesses must be sure to surround themselves with dedicated operations professionals — accountants, IT specialists, etc. But, beware the overhead! “Now, more than ever, the lean companies are at an advantage,” said one expert, Jay Goltz.
Outsourcing many of these functions to vendor partners benefits bottom lines. When it comes to IT and communications services specifically, a recent study found three in four small businesses would rather partner with a single service provider who can deliver the gamut of communications services that are needed by small businesses, but only 45 percent actually do rely on a single provider. Why? Because service providers aren’t bundling total business solutions in a turnkey way.
A modern, digital business needs three to four primary communications services to power the business:
  • Reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity
  • An anytime, any device communications and collaboration solution
  • Network redundancy and diversity
  • A modern, easy-to-manage network solution to connect multiple locations to each other and the cloud
Many providers offer some or all of these requirements, but not in a cloud-first, easy-to-consume way. For example, a unified communications platform is useless inside an office that doesn’t have enough bandwidth to support it. Further, high-bandwidth Internet can’t optimize operations if it goes down routinely. A traditional MPLS network can’t easily, or affordably, scale as bandwidth needs grow and businesses rely more on cloud applications.

Proactive Network Management

The whole approach to communications and networking has to be supported by partners who deliver services optimized for the cloud in order to deliver on the needs of a digital workplace.
Kinetic Business is a communications partner with SMB-focused solutions that support cloud advantages. Optimizing for the cloud begins with network connections. Our One Gig Fiber Internet service supplies SMBs with the bandwidth they need to power all the “connected” devices and cloud applications of today and tomorrow. You may not need a Gig now, but we believe you will sooner than you think. As your partner, Kinetic Business delivers proactive network management, like backup connections, to ensure business continuity. A 4G wireless backup connection not only provides redundancy, but physical diversity to ensure your office stays online.
Next up – business communications. We are talking about way more than a business phone line here. Today’s digital workplace needs to make and receive calls, collaborate with colleagues, send and receive faxes, automatically transcribe voicemails into email or text, and more. All of this over a single business phone number but from any device, at any location. Sound like a tall request? That’s the beauty of the cloud. It performs the same, contains the same functions and amenities, whether you’re here or there. Kinetic Business offers an easy-to-use, award-winning unified communications platform that is 100 percent cloud based.
And, it doesn’t stop there. Kinetic Business also offers a cloud-optimized solution to network management challenges: SD-WAN. Kinetic’s Software-Defined Wide-Area Network connects multiple locations and remote employees to each other — getting the cloud applications they need to perform their jobs no longer has to be a complex, expensive process.

Your Strategic Partner

Kinetic Business understands small business challenges and how to deliver what a digital workplace needs. Our solutions work toward enabling your cloud migration.
“When you have a need, or expand, we’re going to be a natural partner,” says Kristin King, vice president of small- and medium-business channels at Windstream.
Savvy 21st Century businesses and startups find vendors who are strategic partners, experts who notice issues before they become big problems. Having one vendor who is your telecommunications provider, your proactive network monitor and IT counselor is easier for any small business to manage.
Kinetic Business celebrates entrepreneurship and enterprise this National Small Business Week. Business beginnings reaffirm American commitment to discovery and leadership. If it’s a business’s grand opening or its 10-year mark, Kinetic Business is the single-source partner who understands small business challenges.
Find out how an all-in-one vendor like Kinetic Business can help in ways you never imagined — talk to one of our experts today.
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