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Is Your Biz Fiber-Deficient?

Sign #1 – Your Business Is Getting Cloudier

If your business is utilizing (or moving to) cloud computing to complete day-to-day tasks, fiber internet will instantly provide your team with faster access to all cloud-stored data and applications. The cloud is an important—and popular—business tool (approximately 78% of small-to-midsize businesses plan to adopt cloud technology by 2020), as it allows those companies that can support it to move IT infrastructure off-site, manage CRM platforms, and work seamlessly with web applications. But all the world’s cloud-based tools, applications, and services aren’t much use if your bandwidth can’t support it.

Sign #2 – You’re Seeking a Connection with Stability

Slow and unreliable internet can make even a Friday feel like a Monday. But one of the best features of fiber optic internet is its dependability. With dedicated business-grade fiber connectivity, speeds are guaranteed with strong service-level agreements tied to it. If your business has been experiencing lags or downtime due to technical faults or power failures, you may want to turn to fiber sooner rather than later. Fiber technology rarely falters or loses web connectivity and can handle multiple downloads and uploads without suffering lapses in speed. Additionally, fiber is resistant to common forms of interference that can trouble more traditional internet connections, such as disturbance from power lines in your building’s vicinity.

Sign #3 – You’re Seeking Improved Communication

The way we communicate is always evolving. Telegrams gave way to the telephone—which has now given way to VoIP and videoconferencing. No matter how you plan to collaborate or which tools you’ll use to do so, one thing is certain: communication requires bandwidth. And since no other system offers more bandwidth than fiber optic internet does, fiber remains the most effective means of communication, both over the web and in supporting hosted PBX phone systems.

Sign #4 – You’re About That Work-from-Home Life

If you operate your growing business from home or are a remote worker, a business-class high-speed internet connection is a must. Fiber optic connections enable you to access company systems quickly and easily. Additionally, fiber connectivity best powers your web conferencing and communication software so that you can collaborate with colleagues and customers effectively from your home office.

Sign #5 – You Appreciate a Good Investment

Although it may be tempting to just gut it out with your current system, insufficient broadband can severely hinder your growing business from reaching the heights it’s capable of. If your company has plans to take off and make it big, it may be worth developing a plan to set a little investment capital aside so you can upgrade to fiber technology now or shortly down the road. And considering fiber internet is a “future-proof” investment, it’s one that will never go to waste. Over time, as your business requires more bandwidth, fiber will be able to support it with infinitely scalable speeds.

A Painless Migration

Upgrading to fiber internet is easy when you partner with Kinetic Business by Windstream and take advantage of easy and predictable monthly pricing and 24/7 support.
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