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Bring Free Wi-Fi to your Community

Looking to improve public internet access in your area?  Partner with Kinetic to provide FREE and accessible community Wi-Fi solutions tailored to local residents and visitors at a heavily discounted price.

Why Kinetic Community Wi-Fi?

Enterprise-grade Performance

  • Cloud-based network management
  • Control bandwidth and content restrictions
  • All-inclusive Wi-Fi at discounted price

Increased Security

  • Secure Wi-Fi network automatically
  • Manage connected devices
  • Separate business and guest networks

Data-driven Control

  • Real-time visibility with online dashboard
  • Track guest access and usage time 
  • Location-based analytics and insights

Why Kinetic Community Wi-Fi?

Let Us Meet You Half Way

50% discounted service on installation, equipment and monthly recurring charges

Ready to Bring Free Wi-Fi to your Community?

Kinetic Community Wi-Fi is tailored for specific markets. To qualify for service, you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • City government or municipality
  • Within the Kinetic coverage map
  • Want to provide free Wi-Fi to park or recreation center
  • Agree to Kinetic signage and branding

If you qualify, fill out a contact form and a Kinetic representative will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

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