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Maximize user experience and bandwidth efficiency with secure, scalable MPLS solutions.

Reduce Network Congestion and User Frustration

Imagine that you are data driving across your network between your locations. If you don’t know the best route, you’re going to waste time in traffic. Now, think of MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) as a traffic cop that directs different types of traffic to the least congested paths. So everything moves as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Streamline Network Traffic Between Locations


Give your network a PhD in traffic management. Kinetic Business MPLS improves efficiency to maximize user productivity and IT ROI.

  • 4 classes of service to meet your needs
  • Reduce network congestion for faster transport
  • Prioritized applications to ensure QoS
  • SLAs for availability, jitter and latency
  • Managed and monitored by Kinetic Business experts

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