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Feature Resources

Connect Your Community. Count on Kinetic.

Through development partnerships, we’re bringing creative solutions to the communities we serve with faster internet speeds that are critical to keeping families and businesses connected.

Bringing ultra-fast internet to the areas that need it, together.

As your broadband deployment partner, we’re committed to delivering robust, future-proof fiber internet service to communities and helping our customers adapt to new technologies. A connected community is possible, and the benefits of having truly reliable, fiber-fast internet available for local homes and businesses is within reach with rural broadband funding and Kinetic expertise.

Interested in partnering with Kinetic for broadband deployment?

Kinetic by Windstream, a long-trusted community partner for high-speed internet

The time is now.

Several government programs provide funding for state, municipal, and community-based broadband infrastructure. We can help you explore these programs and navigate the process if funds are available in your area.

The future is fiber.

All connections are not all equal. Fiber connectivity is the fastest and most reliable technology. As your community grows, and demand inevitably increases, fiber is how you will stay ahead. Kinetic has proven it in communities big and small.

Count on Kinetic.

No one is more experienced in deploying fiber-fast connectivity to communities across the country. Kinetic has participated in many state and federal network expansion programs and we have a strong track record of meeting our commitments.

Kinetic by Windstream, a long-trusted community partner for high-speed internet.

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