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Discover the Benefits of SD WAN Solutions With Kinetic Business

Choose a private software-defined WAN that’s designed to optimize application performance, reduce costs and simplify overall cloud network management. Of all VPN alternatives, the benefits of SD WAN speak for itself.

Tap Into a Smarter Network with Cloud-Based SD WAN.

Looking for VPN alternatives like cloud-based SD WAN service providers and solutions? Kinetic Business can help you take advantage of the benefits of SD WAN, providing unprecedented visibility into bandwidth utilization at an application level. Our SD WAN solution dynamically routes traffic to the clearest and fastest path according to business policies, leverages all available connections and improves the performance of applications all while reducing bandwidth usage.

Compared to VPN Alternatives, SD WAN Solutions Offer Enhanced Visibility and Control

  • Monitor and control your business applications and traffic from a single interface
  • Set up new locations, services and priorities right from your screen
  • Add cost-effective internet connections as you need them
  • Virtually eliminate downtime with automated bandwidth controls
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Designed to be Scalable.

Bring balance to your network by prioritizing applications or locations, so your bottom line is never impacted by bandwidth fluctuations. One of the many benefits of SD WAN is that your business can securely streamline data exchanges between networks, allowing your company to provide a seamless experience for employees and customers across your entire footprint.

Why Your Business Should Upgrade to SD WAN

Explore the benefits of SD WAN, the Best Option of All VPN Alternatives


  • Real-time network intelligence through our online management tool.
  • Features out-of-the-box configuration and software-defined policies tailored for all business sizes.


  • Optimizes bandwidth to enhance performance and experience across your wide-area network.
  • Delivers immediate efficiencies with pre-configured and customizable policies.


  • As a VPN alternative, SD WAN creates a virtual private network on top of existing connection points.
  • Encrypts all network traffic for security in a borderless environment.


  • Supports the use of cloud-based applications.
  • Meets ongoing business needs with rapidly activated circuits, ensuring your business can adapt quickly.


  • From initial exploration to implementation, Kinetic Business' dedicated team of experts offers guidance to help your company take advantage of the benefits of SD WAN.
  • Full 24/7 support ensures optimal uptime.

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