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What is the best way to ensure network reliability during the upcoming holiday shopping season?

The holiday shopping season will be here soon and so will the growing demand on your retail network. Does your store’s network have enough bandwidth or will you experience slow internet? The last thing you need is for your network to crash causing an assortment of problems especially POS related. You need to fail proof your network to make ensure you maximize sales. Windstream SD-WAN is our retail fail proof continuity system.

With Retail SD-WAN, you can:

  • Monitor your store(s) application performance
  • Manage bandwidth, giving critical apps like your point-of-sale system and advertising kiosks more priority
  • Protect your customers’ sensitive information with data encryption
  • Continue to process payments and receive phone calls even if one of your circuits goes down
  • Use the network connections of your choice (from any provider) as SD-WAN is an over-the-top solution


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