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100% Cloud-Based Unified Communications Deployed over SD-WAN

High Performance Unified Communications combines the power of SD-WAN and OfficeSuite® to give mid-market SMBs a comprehensive system to manage their network and communication platforms. You’ll experience no more dropped or missed calls, increased workforce mobility and productivity, more bandwidth, all without worrying about disasters or crisis should a circuit go down. High Performance UC frees your time so you can focus on your customers and growing your business.

Saves SMBs like You Money

Windstream High Performance Unified Communications saves SMBs money.  This solution is more cost-effective than traditional phone systems and network connections. All communication platforms are moved to the cloud, giving you access and the ability to operate from existing iOS and Android mobile devices. Because SMB SD-WAN lets you monitor network applications and allocate bandwidth where you need it most, you’ll also free up bandwidth by removing apps and redundancy.  No need to spend more money on bandwidth!

Improved Employee Productivity and Enable Mobility

OfficeSuite® UC for SMBs moves all your communication platforms to the cloud. This means that existing calls, chat, fax, audio, and video conferencing can be accessed by any device from anywhere allowing you to be more flexible with employee mobility.  As long they’re connected to the cloud, they can call, collaborate, and work from anywhere. Plus, with call twinning and other great features, you’ll never miss a call.

SMB Business Continuity

You don’t need a disaster recovery plan when you combine Windstream SMB SD-WAN with OfficeSuite®.  Our solution will give you peace of mind that even when disaster does strike, you’re business is still functioning and your customers can still reach you. SD-WAN powers your network connectivity which means no downtime!

Improved Network Security

Windstream’s OfficeSuite® Unified Communications and SD-WAN eliminates network security concerns. Through SD-WAN High Performance UC encrypts all traffic flowing across your entire network at all locations as well as messages and calls placed on mobile devices.

Simplify IT Management

Managing High Performance UC is simple. You login to MyOfficeSuite to manage all your communications and the SD-WAN portal to manage your network. It’s not time consuming nor difficult. If you don’t want to manage this yourself, ask us about Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) or SD-WAN Concierge.  


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