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100% Cloud-Based Unified Communications Deployed over SD-WAN

OfficeSuite UC with SD-WAN delivers a high performance unified communications solution for SMB’s that enables mobility, ensures business continuity, simplifies IT management and saves you money. OfficeSuite UC with SD-WAN frees your time so you can focus on your customers and growing your business.

OfficeSuite UC with SD-WAN Benefits:

Saves SMBs like You Money

OfficeSuite UC with Windstream’s SD-WAN saves SMBs money.  This solution is more cost-effective than traditional phone systems and network connections. All communication platforms are moved to the cloud, giving you access and the ability to operate from existing iOS and Android mobile devices. Because SD-WAN frees up bandwidth on your existing network connections as well as lets you monitor network applications and allocate bandwidth where you need it most, there is no need to spend money on additional bandwidth!

Improves Employee Productivity and Enables Mobility

OfficeSuite UC for SMBs moves all your communication platforms to the cloud. This means that calls, chat, fax, audio and video conferencing and more can be accessed by any device from anywhere allowing you more flexibility and employee mobility. As long they’re connected to the cloud, they can call, collaborate, and work from anywhere. Plus, with call twinning and other great features, you’ll never miss a call.

Provides Business Continuity

OfficeSuite UC with Windstream’s SD-WAN provides your SMB the ultimate business continuity solution for your office communications. Our cloud-based communications will give you peace of mind that even when disaster does strike, you remain reachable to your customers. With SD-WAN powering  your network connectivity, downtime is a thing of the past!

Improves Network Security

OfficeSuite UC with Windstream’s SD-WAN eliminates network security concerns by encrypting all traffic that flows across your corporate network, even if you are using unprotected connections such as broadband, dsl or cable. OfficeSuite UC also encrypts messages and calls placed from mobile devices.

Simplifies IT Management

Managing your office communications just got is simpler. MyOfficeSuite allows employees to self-manage their communications features, reducing reliance on help desk support. The SD-WAN online management tool allows your IT team to easily create routing and security policies and push those configurations out to all users and locations within one easy-to-use interface.


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