Smart IT Solutions for Professional Services Businesses

You’re only as good as your reputation. For professional services businesses, a big piece of that is delivering consistently excellent client service, which means great communication. Kinetic Business delivers with reliable, scalable Internet, voice, network and cloud solutions that keep your business connected while keeping client data secure.  

When your name's on the line, you can't be offline

Client satisfaction. Every business claims to deliver it. But for professional services businesses, providing superior client experiences could very well be your greatest competitive advantage. Connect with Kinetic Business for secure, reliable Internet, voice, network and cloud solutions that remove communication barriers empowering you to take productivity and client service to new heights. 

  • Reliable, scalable communications you can grow on  

  • Advanced cloud and managed solutions  

  • Business continuity solutions to keep business running 

  • Highly secure connections safeguard client data  

  • Unified communications for boundless collaboration  




Think of all the new things connected to your Internet and all the new ways you connect with employees and clients. Our fiber-based Internet with speeds up to 1 Gig gives you bandwidth to burn, so you can move faster and better serve more clients. AKA, more money.  

Managed Network Security

Crossing your fingers? Blissful ignorance? Sound like your cybersecurity approach? Protecting your business is not as difficult as you might fear. Managed Network Security stops threats before they impact business. And we manage the entire system. Easy, right?  

Connected Office UC™


Count to five. Not a long time, right? Now do it again. And again. Starts to add up. Now think of all the time you waste jumping between calls, web meetings and chats. Connected Office UC™ unites all your communications on one easy-to-use platform. Do more. Earn more.  

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