It's scary out there. Keep your business safe.

When everything is connected, everything is vulnerable to cyber attack. And if you think hackers won't bother with your "little old business," think again. They're just as happy extorting 10 smaller businesses as they are one huge one. Protect your business before it's too late with secure connections and multi-layer Managed Security. 

Security solutions to help you remain compliant

Malware. Phishing. DDoS. Take your pick. Any and all can shut down your business not just for a day or two - but possibly forever. Keep the cyber attackers at bay with private connections and advanced network security solutions from Kinetic Business that help keep the bad guys out while helping you satisfy regulatory compliance mandates for data safety and client-data protection. Safeguard your business before it's targeted.  

  • Fully managed network security  

  • Anti-virus protection and intrusion prevention  

  • PCI-compliant managed cloud firewall  

  • Content filtering, application control and VPN access 

  • Easy management with weekly logging and reporting  


Managed Network Security

Establish a stout first line of defense against increasingly prevalent and sophisticated cyber attacks. A comprehensive, fully managed solution covering everything from firewall and intrusion prevention to content filtering and application control. 




The open internet can be a scary place. Keep your sensitive data to yourself with Kinetic Business SD-WAN, which provides a cost-effective private network that maximizes bandwidth, optimizes application performance and encrypts all network traffic. 

Office UC™


VoIP is great—except the IP part means access to that scary open Internet we just talked about. Connected Office UC™ encrypts all calls, messages and meetings, securing all data in the cloud rather than leaving it exposed on business phones.

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