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Customer Instructions for New Remote

The new Kinetic TV numbered remote provides Kinetic TV customers the functionality of cutting-edge technology combined with a traditional remote-control experience. The new remote provides the same function as your current remote but adds new features, which are listed below.

a picture of a remote.

Kinetic Set-top Box Firmware

The new numbered remotes will require existing Kinetic TV set-top boxes to be updated to the latest firmware for all the new functions to work correctly.

How to check the firmware on the Kinetic TV set-top box:

  • From the Home Screen, go to Settings in the upper right corner
  • In Settings, scroll down to Device Preferences
  • In Device Preferences, Select About
  • In About, you will find Firmware Version about 7 lines down
  • The current firmware is 9.3.57
  • New firmware compatible with numbered remote is 9.3.63

If the Kinetic Set-top Box is displaying the 9.3.57 firmware, disconnect the power source from the back of the set-top box and reconnect the power plug. This will force a reboot of the set-top box and download the new firmware. Repeat the steps above to check the firmware.

Remote Pairing Process

The pairing process is simple, as illustrated in the images below. These images will appear on the screen of your TV as well to guide you through the process.

  • Restore power to the set-top box
  • Hold the remote control about 7-10 inches from the set-top box
  • Press the “ok” button (the center button) and the “volume down” button at the same time for approximately 10 seconds
  • The progress bar underneath the image will guide you through the process until connected

On-Screen Images for Pairing New Remote Control

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a picture of the setup process.

a picture of the setup process.

a picture of the setup process.


Remote Pairing – TV Power Button

Step 1: Press the Set button until the light on the remote turns red.


a picture of a remote.

Step 2: With the remote in learning mode, place the Kinetic TV remote near your existing TV remote. Then, then press the TV power button on the Kinetic TV remote simultaneously with the power button on your existing TV remote.


a picture of a remote.

Step 3: On the new Kinetic TV remote, after the indicator light blinks 3 times, the light will turn a solid “red” after programming is completed.  After the indicator light turns solid “Red”, press the “Set” button to complete and save. This will exit the learning mode of the new Kinetic TV remote.


a picture of a remote.


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