What apps and content does Raydiant support?

We’re constantly working to add fresh apps that support new features and new kinds of content. Raydiant can currently display the following kinds of content:


Display custom graphics, promotional materials, digital art, brand images, campus maps, and more. Supports gif, jpg, png, svg, and bmp. Works best with images with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of at least 1920x1080.


Bring the magic of motion to your screens. Supports mov and mp4. Works best with 1080p video.


Effortlessly build digital flyers and announcements using a variety of themes and layouts. Supports jpg and png; left to right and right to left flyers work best with 810x1080 images, while top to bottom and bottom to top flyers work best with 1920x540 images.


Display corporate reports, promotional slides, and more. Supports pdf, ppt, and pptx.


Keep your viewers engaged and informed with your event offerings. Automatically generate beautiful live events calendars by syncing your existing calendar. Supports Google Calendar.


Don’t let your viewers get caught in the rain. Enter any city and state.

Video Conferencing

Through our partnership with BlueJeans (https://www.bluejeans.com), the Raydiant ScreenRay can join live video conferences when connected to a standard web cam. For more information on what is required for video conferencing support, please see below.

Digital Menus

Music and Now Playing

Through our partnership with Soundtrack Your Brand (https://www.soundtrackyourbrand.com/), the Raydiant ScreenRay can play B2B-licensed streaming music while displaying Now Playing song information on-screen.

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