What do I need to do to connect my ScreenRay to the Internet?

ScreenRays are designed to connect over WiFi, ethernet or LTE (T-Mobile/Simplifi only). Before setting up your ScreenRay, we recommend coordinating with your organization’s IT department to make sure your ScreenRay will work on your network. This article documents the connection specifications needed by your ScreenRay to successfully connect to the internet.

Please note that hidden WiFi networks are not supported.

MAC Address Whitelisting

If your organization’s network employs a MAC ACL, or access control list, your ScreenRay’s MAC address may need to be whitelisted. The MAC address for your ScreenRay’s WiFi connection can be found on the back label of the device. If you connect to your wireless network via a captive portal, you’ll need to whitelist your ScreenRay’s MAC address to bypass the portal.

Port Whitelisting

If your organization’s network limits port access to clients by default, you may need to whitelist certain outbound ports for your ScreenRay:

  • 22
  • 53
  • 80
  • 123
  • 443

Whitelisting inbound port 22 is also recommended. Additionally, customers using the Visit app to join BlueJeans calls from their Raydiant screens should review the TCP/UDP port requirements for BlueJeans.

Domain Whitelisting

If your organization’s network sits behind a firewall with domain access control, several domains need to be whitelisted to ensure your ScreenRay can connect to Raydiant’s servers:

  • (required for DNS resolution)
  • *.raydiant.com (i.e., raydiant.com and all its subdomains)
  • dash.raydiant.com
  • api.raydiant.com
  • apps-repository.raydiant.com
  • fileuploads.raydiant.com
  • s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com
  • *.balena.io
  • *.balena-cloud.com
  • *.docker.com
  • *.docker.io
  • *.pubnub.com
  • pool.ntp.org (needed to ensure ScreenRay is set to correct time and scheduled content works as expected)
  • time1.google.com
  • time2.google.com
  • time3.google.com
  • time4.google.com

Port & domain lists may change as our product offering grows.

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