What to do after a power outage?

My screen is marked as offline in the Dashboard, and is showing ‘Welcome, let’s get this screen set up’ instead of my content.

It sounds like your ScreenRay is in setup mode. This generally happens after a power outage, when a ScreenRay reboots before the WiFi access point it usually connects to. Since the ScreenRay can't find the WiFi network and connect to the internet, it goes into setup mode.

In most cases, the easiest way to get your ScreenRay back online is to restart your ScreenRay by disconnecting and reconnecting the power adapter. You should see the blue power indicator light on your ScreenRay turn off and back on as it restarts, and your ScreenRay will reconnect to the internet if a known WiFi network or an Ethernet connection is available.

If your ScreenRay isn't able to reconnect automatically—for example, if your WiFi network name or password has changed—it will return to setup mode so you can connect it to the internet again. Just follow the steps on the screen to connect it to a new WiFi network.

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