Internet Support

Connecting Multiple Devices to My Windstream Broadband Service
You are able to connect multiple computers to your Windstream Broadband service by using one of these scenarios: Using the Windstream-provided modem and a 3rd-party network router Using the Windstream-provided modem and a 3rd-party network switch Using the Windstream-provided modem's integrated... Read More...
Having Guest Wi-Fi for Customers on the Same DSL Connection As My Business Computers
Having the customer Wi-Fi on the same DSL connection as your business PCs and credit card machines poses a risk to the business as it opens the connection up to unauthorized activity. This will not allow your connection to be PCI compliant and makes your company at risk for violating HIPAA.... Read More...
Maximizing My Internet Connection
We all live in a world where faster is better and having a fast and efficient Internet connection plays an important role in our daily lives. Scroll below for helpful tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your internet connection. Keep it Clean Make sure your anti-virus and... Read More...
Minimum Requirements and Supported Operating Systems for Windstream Internet Service
At this time Windstream's Broadband Help Desk provides Internet technical support to customers using the following operating systems: Windows Vista Macintosh OS 10.X and higher With the supported operating systems here are the minimum system requirements for each: Windows Vista Pentium 4... Read More...
My Static IP Information
Please call Customer Care at (800) 347-1991 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET to request that this information be resent to you. Read More...
Standard Configuration Settings for Windstream Internet Service
The following is standard configuration settings for Windstream Internet servers' access credentials and Windstream email. Server Setup Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Access Credentials Usernames Must contain 3 to 30 characters May contain letters and/or numbers... Read More...
When to Call My IT Team or Windstream
If your DSL connection is down, but the DSL light on your modem is solid and not blinking, you can determine if the issue is on Windstream’s end or if the issue lies with your own equipment by first isolating your modem. Disconnect any device that is connected to your modem such as a router... Read More...

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