McAfee Multi Access FAQs

Are there any alternative McAfee products that I can use?
The replacement product for McAfee Endpoint is the McAfee Multi Access Internet Security product which has many of the same features as Endpoint. The McAfee Multi Access Internet Security product is billed at the same rate as Endpoint, and there will be no changes to your bill.
Does McAfee Multi Access have all the same features that SaaS Endpoint Protection has?
There are some differences in feature between the two products. To see comparison of McAfee Multi Access and SaaS Endpoint Protection, click here.
What will happen to existing SaaS Endpoint Protection customers starting September 30, 2017?
Existing customers can continue to use SaaS Endpoint Protection until September 30, 2017. In addition, after September 30, 2017 the XX website (.com) will be turned off, and customers will no longer have access to their user accounts, or be able to download and install the product.
Important: McAfee Security recommends that you uninstall SaaS Endpoint Protection from your devices prior to the EOL date of September 30,2017 and replace with McAfee Multi Access.
How do I uninstall SaaS Endpoint Protection from my desktop?
See Uninstalling SaaS Endpoint Protection for instructions to uninstall SaaS Endpoint Protection.
How do I install McAfee Multi Access on my devices?
See Downloading McAfee Multi Access Security for detailed instruction to install McAfee Multi Access.
How long will you provide technical support for my SaaS Endpoint Protection?
Technical support for my SaaS Endpoint Protection product will be provided until September 30, 2017.
Who can I call for additional questions or support beyond September 30, 2017?
For additional support beyond September 30, 2017, please go to

Glossary of terms used in this announcement:

End of Life (EOL): The last day that the SaaS Endpoint Protection service will protect you from the latest threats. After this date (September 30, 2017), the product will no longer protect you from latest threats.

End of Technical Support: The last day customers can receive technical support from McAfee from SaaS Endpoint Protection


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