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Blocking Calls
Selective Call Rejection prevents unwanted calls from disturbing you. To Use: You may press 10#* at any time, rather than wait for the recorded instructions. The list you create for Selective Call Rejection is separate from any other lists you may be using for Call Selector, Selective Call... Read More...
Features and Information of Local Phone
Enclosed are directions for making your services work. Many of these features may be purchased alone or as part of a Windstream package. Some features and services vary by market, so contact a Windstream representative for the features available in your area. Read More...
Understanding the Codes Used to Forward and Unforward Lines
*72 Forward and *73 Unforward. 72# Forward and 73# Unforward. Read More...
Windstream International Calling Plans
Windstream offers International Calling Plans. To inquire about rates, please contact a customer service representative at (866) 445-5880 Read More...

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