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The Top 7 Bandwidth Leeches

Emails with Attachments/Sharing Large Files

Email. It’s the handiest collaboration tool on the planet. Bonus: you don’t have to have a meeting to communicate. But when Sandy from Finance sends you 10 attachments, or five that are particularly large files, you click to download and then wait. And wait. And wait. Emails with attachments have a whopping data transfer speed of about 15 Mbps. And heaven forbid that she sent that email to 10 of your colleagues.

Videoconferencing and Voice over IP

Ever notice how the more people you have on a videoconference, or even a VoIP conference call, the more issues you have? That’s because each individual participating from the same location (on the same network) is using their precious piece of bandwidth. For videoconferencing, the data transfer rate is about 8 Mbps, per user. It adds up fast.   

Online Backups

Backing up data: good. Backups during peak work hours: bad. You’d be crazy not to back up your data, and more and more that happens in the cloud at about 2 Mbps. While this helps make sure that you don’t lose that file you just spent 20 hours working on, backups are a bandwidth hog that can slow everybody down.

Automatic Updates

Which brings us to software updates. Staying current with your software will save you a world of hurt by closing security holes, resolving compatibility issues and all that fun stuff. But, updates for suck up your time – and your bandwidth.

Malicious Network Intrusions

This next one is a straight-up security issue. But we’re here to tell you that when hackers send nefarious things into your network – like a distributed denial-of-service attack – it will slurp up your bandwidth faster than a dog finishing your cereal milk.

Multimedia and Streaming Apps

Certainly we’re not saying you’re over there Netflixing during the workday. But maybe, just maybe, your office is pretty liberal about letting folks stream music. And of course no one objects to your streaming an educational webinar. That’s 5 Mbps, per user.

Web Browsing

It starts innocently enough. The boss asks your team for a report on the latest trends in our industry. No problemo. But next thing you know, five or 10 of you have 25 tabs open, scrolling through SharePoint and playing videos on YouTube. Bye-bye bandwidth.

So, What’s the Answer?

Well, you could stop doing all of these things and go back to typewriters and telephones. Or, you could dramatically increase your bandwidth with gigabit internet and give your business more than enough fuel for these critical tasks.
And as luck would have it, Kinetic Business by Windstream has expanded its gigabit internet service to 100K businesses this year alone. And we are just getting started.
Visit kineticbusiness.com to make the switch and work how you want without bogging down.
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