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Maximize communication and collaboration with cloud-based OfficeSuite UC®.

Integrated Voice and Collaboration Solutions

Eliminate the time, hassle and cost of juggling disparate communication and collaboration systems. OfficeSuite UC® seamlessly integrates voice, instant messaging, web conferencing and screen sharing on one reliable platform that’s easy to use and manage. Pair it with our fiber-based Internet and watch your productivity soar.

Simplify Collaboration with OfficeSuite UC®

Escalating calls to web meetings? Sharing screens with clients? Toggling back and forth for chat? Think of all the time you waste every day going between communication platforms. Now multiply that by a week... or a year. It adds up quickly. OfficeSuite UC® as a Service, eliminates all of that, giving you one simple system for voice, instant messaging, web conferencing, screen sharing and more. Easy to use. Easy to manage. Easy to move forward.

  • Simplified, streamlined multi-mode communications
  • Voice, web conferencing, IM, screen sharing and more
  • Cloud-based flexibility—connect from anywhere
  • Easy to use and manage on one integrated platform
  • Pair with our fiber-based Internet for maximum ROI

Maximize Collaboration, Productivity and Simplicity

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