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Introducing the New Webmail

Our newest version of Webmail brings together productivity, collaboration and social all in one place - the Inbox. With Webmail 7, you can do more in a simple, intuitive interface.

Webmail 7 screenshot

Stay Productive

A new design caters more natively to how you and your team manage the day to day tasks: as a “to-do” list.

  • Instantly organize emails into tasks.
  • Add alerts, due dates and collaborators to stay organized.
  • Create your own tags for tasks for personalized filtering.
Webmail 7 screenshot

Manage Multiple Accounts

Save time by getting centralized email access.

  • Manage all of your email personal and business email accounts in one place.
  • You can connect accounts from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and other providers.
Webmail 7 screenshot

Post to Social

Stay engaged with your customers on social platforms.

  • Compose posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn directly through Webmail.
  • Choose which social accounts to post to, and customize posts with images, links and videos.
Webmail 7 screenshot

New Features

New features to improve how you communicate and work together online.

  • Add colleagues to tasks for full-scale productivity. Set due dates, subtasks and keep everyone organized.
  • Add alerts, due dates and collaborators to stay organized.
  • Share and subscribe to calendars to stay in the loop. Easily schedule meetings and events with a free/busy scheduling view of colleagues’ calendars with a smart “Time Finder” time slot generator.

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