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Why Home-Based Entrepreneurs Need a Windstream Business Bundle

Technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs to work from virtually anywhere — and especially from home — but it also presents a different set of considerations and challenges. Like, for example, would you want or need business internet versus a residential connection? Do you want a business phone solution, and if so, a landline or voice over internet protocol service, like our award-winning OfficeSuite®? Are bundles worth it?

By the Industry

Let’s take a look at the types of industries that are largely home-based. According to the Small Business Administration, home-based businesses represent about 70 percent of all information technology small businesses, about 68 percent of all those in construction and about 65 percent of those in professional, scientific and technical services. Some have also suggested that the growth of e-commerce — online retail sales will reach an estimated $638.1 billion by 2022 — will lead to more retail home-based businesses as well.
It’s clear to see that the different sectors will require different types of technology. As an example, a small business retailer may use the Internet for a customer relationship manager or credit card transactions but may be more dependent on phone services to take orders. An IT company, on the other hand, will need a more advanced network and may not rely on phone services as much.

Why Business Class?

If you’re working from home, you will want to distinguish between what is business-related and what isn’t.
Having a separate phone line for your business would then be paramount. You wouldn’t have other family members answering a call, expecting the delivery man, but you would be able to list the phone number online, making your products or services more widely available.
Now, a separate Internet connection may be a little harder to justify, especially if you’re only using minimal bandwidth for your business. But, consider what and how many other devices will be running on one Internet connection at once, when you’re primarily using the Internet for work and what other connected devices are doing at that time. If you find, for example, that the kids get home and start streaming their favorite television shows while all your smart technology is running, and your internet slows to a crawl, you might consider another line. A second Internet connected dedicated to business could also improve network security.
An added value to having business phone and internet services is a possible tax deduction.

Why Windstream Business Bundles?

So what are your options? Kinetic Internet by Windstream Small Business offers three options, from business-class with speeds up to One Gig in qualifying areas to the most advanced SD-WAN. Our bundled phone services include unlimited local and long distance calling, along with numerous business calling features. Choose whichever option best suits your business needs, and if you’re not sure, we have consultants who can recommend the best solution for you! Our sales professionals will then guide you through the purchase process, and you’ll be assigned an account manager to be your point of contact should you need anything else.
At Kinetic Business powered by Windstream, we want to help our communities where we live and serve, and that includes enabling our small businesses to compete and grow.
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